Latest Standings

Please look over all information carefully each week. Let me know, as soon as you can, if there are any discrepancies. Thanks – Chip

 Handicaps are calculated based on your regular 5 shooters. If throwers change, team captains will need to re-calculate the team’s handicaps.

First weeks handicaps are based on last year’s averages. If you did not throw last year, averages were based on the last year you threw.  For players with a TBD, team captains will need to get together before their match to come up with an average for those players.

Reminder – I am away on vacation the first week. Please turn in your scoresheets at the Knights or give them to Eric.  I will calculate the first week’s results as soon as I get back.  If I don’t get results done before the following week, please be prepared to calculate your own averages for week 2.

Final Stats 2020-2021

Handicaps Week 1